How is it possible to receive an order, while my stock is below 0?

By default the variants of your products are ‘always available’ to order, so if you have not turned off this option for your product, it can be ordered even when your stock is 0 or below. This allows you to set a product available for back order. If you don’t want this, there are two ways to disable the back order option: 

Manually per variant

  1. Go to the Products in your back office and click on the product you want to change;
  2. Scroll down until you see the variant and click ‘Edit’;Screenshot_2021-08-09_at_12.40.36.png
  3. In the popup screen, uncheck the box before “Continue selling when product is out of stock”;Screenshot_2021-08-09_at_12.40.44.png
  4. Click “Update”.

Bulk option for multiple variants/products

  1. Go to ‘Inventory’ in your back office;
  2. Select all the variants you want to change;Screenshot_2021-08-09_at_12.52.18.png
  3. Click on “Items selected” and choose "Edit selected variants";Screenshot_2021-08-09_at_12.52.40.png
  4. Choose which data you want to edit, in this case check “Continue selling when product is out of stock” and “Are all the values the same?”;Screenshot_2021-08-09_at_12.52.50.png
  5. On the next page you perform the edit by leaving “Continue selling when product is out of stock” unchecked and click “Update”.Screenshot_2021-08-09_at_12.52.57.png
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