Our exclusive membership program to reward active customers

Orderchamp is launching a new retailer program and you can be the first to enroll - for free! We want to offer our most active customers the best experience and therefore we are launching Orderchamp Plus.

Plus is an exclusive membership program offering free shipping without the €250,- threshold minimum*, to optimize our retailers' margins on smaller orders. 

*only reach the minimum order amount of the brand.

How can I enroll for Orderchamp Plus for free? 

Orderchamp Plus is currently an invite-only program, but to celebrate the launch, we offer our retailers a one-time only option to join the program for free:

  • New buyers: Place your first order during Black Friday for Wholesale (25-29 Nov) and get free access for 6 months
  • Existing buyers: Buy over €500,- in total during Black Friday for Wholesale (25-29 Nov) and get free access for 6 months

Members are also provided early access to the newest arrivals, to make sure they lock-in unique buys and can be the first to set up new relationships. Additionally, members will receive special loyalty promotions to try new brands at the best rates, and get exclusive (early) access to our events. After 6 months you will be automatically opted out without paying anything, but you can decide to continue with Orderchamp Plus.

Why are we doing this?

We believe in rewarding our active retailers who have found value in using Orderchamp, with additional cost savings, extra perks and special loyalty promotions. 

When should I enroll?

We're launching one of our biggest events of the year: Black Friday for Wholesale. This is the perfect opportunity to try Orderchamp for the first time or lock-in new perks as an existing buyer to enjoy our platform even further. Place your first order as a new buyer, or order for more than €500,- in total as an existing buyer, and enroll the program completely for free for the next 6 months.

If you don’t like it, you don't have to do anything after 6 months, you will be automatically opted out. If you decide to continue, you will be sent an invoice for the annual membership fee.  January 1st onwards, retailers who want to enroll in Orderchamp Plus, have to pay an annual membership fee of €99,-. 



Is Orderchamp Plus available in every country?

At this moment we offer Plus in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and France. We will be adding more countries soon.

How much does it cost and what do I get?

From January 1st onwards, retailers who are invited to enroll in Orderchamp Plus, have to pay an annual membership fee of €99,-. If you meet the special Black Friday for Wholesale criteria as mentioned above, you can enroll Orderchamp Plus for free for 6 months and opt out before this period ends - without ever paying. If you decide to continue, you will be sent an invoice for the annual membership fee. Orderchamp Plus includes lots of valuable membership perks:

  • Free shipping without the €250,- threshold minimum (only reach the brand minimum)
  • Early access to newest arrivals from selected brands
  • Exclusive (early) access to our events
  • Special loyalty promotions: ‘Try new brand’ vouchers and discounts
  • Premium conditions for brand referrals: priority onboarding and increased rewards

Note: If you spend more than €7,500 per year, your annual membership fee won’t be charged.

Is there a minimum spend to get free shipping?

No, as long as you meet the minimum order amount of the brands, you receive free shipping on your orders. This is paid by Orderchamp.

What is the commitment? Can I cancel the program?

Orderchamp Plus is created to reward our most loyal and active customers. You can enjoy all the benefits while you are on the program. There’s a 30-day trial period. You can cancel the program at any time, and your fee will be pro-rated and credited*.

*If you spend more than €7,500 per year, you will automatically receive a credit invoice.

How do I pay for Orderchamp Plus?

If you enrolled Plus without meeting the “free” requirements as described above, and you decide to continue after your trial period, you will be sent an invoice. You will pay for Orderchamp Plus through one of our standard payment methods after which we’ll use direct debit for the following period. You cannot use Orderchamp credit or vouchers to pay for the membership program.

I already placed an order. Can I get refunds on shipping for earlier orders?

Once you sign up for the membership program, you will receive all the perks. We’re unfortunately not able to refund shipping for earlier transactions.

If I don’t have Plus, will I still be a valued member of the Orderchamp community?

Absolutely! We strive to build the best wholesale platform for all retailers. Plus is an additional program to make the experience even better. Try it out, if you don’t see the value, you can opt-out easily and without any downsides.


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