How to use the Potential buyers feature

We’ve developed this feature so that you can see & be able to proactively reach out to all retailers who have placed your products in their carts, but have not yet checked out.  It also allows you to give them an order-specific discount to encourage them to checkout faster. 

How it works:

  • It shows you a list of all the retailers that have added/edited a cart with you in the last 30 days
  • Carts added/edited in the last 3 days are excluded


  • You will be able to see the company name, owner name, store type, country, language, date of joining Orderchamp and also view the details of the cart (your products in their cart)
  • You can use the “Send message” option to send this retailer a chat message
  • You can also create an order-specific discount for this retailer, to convince them to checkout:



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