Updating stock though a manual product import

For an example of the import file, go to your back office > Import & Export > Product Sheet Example. When clicking this button, a .csv file will be downloaded to your computer. 

Required product information

  • Product ID
    • The product code, should be the same for the products with the same variants
  • Product Title 
    • The name of the product, which will be shown in your storefront
  • Variants per product
    • Each row should be a unique variant. In the column headers you can specify what kind of variant it contains, for example: "Option:Size"
  • Brand
    • The brand of the product;
  • Case quantity
    • The minimum quantity of your product that should be purchased
  • Price
    • The B2B/wholesale price. This is the price retailer will pay for your product to purchase. The wholesale price is excluding taxes and is formatted with a decimal period and no currency sign (i.e. 14.95)
  • MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price)
    • The Recommended Retail Price. What the retailer should charge the customer for this product. The MSRP is including taxes and is formatted with a decimal period and no currency sign (i.e. 14.95).
  • Inventory
    • Inventory or Stock level (Required if Inventory policy is set to "deny")
  • Inventory policy 
    • The options for your Inventory policy are "Continue" and "Deny". "Continue" means the product can still be ordered, even when the stock level is 0. If you only want to sell that product when it's in stock, the policy should be set to "Deny". When the stock level reaches 0, the product will be marked as sold out. 
  • SKU
    • The Stock Keeping Unit, which is a product code and unique per product variant 
  • Weight 
    • Mention the weight of your product.
  • Materials 
    • Same for the materials, such as “cotton, concrete, wood, polyester”.
  • Made in 
    • Where is your product made? Provide us with one country of origin with the two letter land code, such as “NL, TR, CN, IN, IT”.
  • Values 
    • If your product deserves an extra label, to search for example, you can assign a value. Only do this if it actually meets the requirements, for example " Handmade, Eco Friendly, Organic, Social Good etc.".
  • Tax level
    • the VAT percentage that should be charged: High or Low. It differs per country what the exact percentages are.
  • Categories
    • Note: you can't add your own categories to Orderchamp. We offer a select amount of categories and subcategories. You can find the whole list of categories in your back office > Import & Export > "Available Categories". 
  • Images 
    • If you'd like to import the images in bulk, you need to include the image URL(s) in the file. If you don't have the URLs, you can import the file without them and add the images manually after import.
  • Description 
    • Provide a clear and attractive description of your product, containing a minimum of 25 characters
  • Dimensions
    • Provide us with the dimensions by adding a separate column for length, width, height, diameter (in cm) and/or volume (in liters).
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