Updating stock through the Import tool

To easily update your stock in one go, you can use our import tool and upload your stock file. We only need a file with SKU and Inventory as columns. Optionally you can add the ‘Available at’ column to indicate a future shipping date for a product. If you don’t have a stock file:
  1. Export your Orderchamp products from the back office by going to ‘Import & Export’ > Export > Export products to Excel. 
  2. Delete all columns except SKU and inventory
  3. Update your inventory in the file and save as csv UTF-8. 
  4. Upload the file in the import tool in the back office (Import & Export)
  5. Wait until the validation is done and click ‘Start import’. The inventory will now be adjusted.
If you have an own stock file:
  1. Upload the file in the back office in our import tool.
  2. Wait for validation. Any SKUs that are in your file but cannot be found in Orderchamp will give an error. You can ignore this, as they will simply be skipped.
  3. Click ‘Start import’. The inventory will now be adjusted.
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