Get ready for Christmas Ball

From the 20th until the 25th of October, Orderchamp organizes its first Christmas Ball: a wholesale event where 50.000 retailers can stock up on unique Christmas and gift items, while brands can boost their holiday season sales.

What’s in it for me as a retailer?

If you’re a retailer with a physical store that has not ordered on Orderchamp before, you will get:

  • A €150 voucher.
  • An extra €50 off when you use the voucher during Christmas Ball and buy from 3 different brands.
  • Or even €100 extra if you buy from 4 different brands.

Leading to a discount of up to €250 on your first order. Great, isn't it?

To benefit from this promotion, the total order value has to be over €300.

And there's more! Every retailer that places their first ever order on Orderchamp during Christmas Ball will get 6 months of free shipping on all brands.

What's in it for me as a brand?

This is the perfect opportunity to invite your retailers to Orderchamp because they will get up to €250 off their first order.

To get even more orders during this intense buying week when retailers stock up for the busiest shopping time of the year, brands can select a discount (between 5-30%) and a threshold (between €200-€1500) to get extra visibility on the marketplace.

Click here to select your order discount and benefit from more visibility on the marketplace

What can I do as a brand to boost my sales during Christmas Ball?


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