You are free to cancel orders but cancelling an order should be a last resort as it impacts our retailer's experience as well as your visibility on the platform as a brand.

Please cancel your order before confirming it.

General expectation: when you experience delays in fulfilling orders, please adjust your shipping lead time in your backoffice settings.

1. Cancelling an order:

  • Login into your backoffice
  • Click on the order number
  • On the upper part of the screen - click on the CANCEL ORDER button


  • Select the cancellation reason


  • Click on "cancel order"
  • Important! select the accurate reason for canceling;
  • the cancellation reason "retailer canceled" should not be used when you cannot fulfill the order because of out-of-stock or delays in order processing on your side, and the retailer cannot accept the delays anymore; in such cases - the cancellation reason selected should be: out of stock or unexpected too long delivery time.
  • For a good retailer experience, we ask brands to always keep the retailer informed of any delays so that we avoid negative retailer experience impacting their future orders from you when you have to cancel an order; check this article on How to contact retailers
  • reminder: order cancellations have an impact on your ranking and visibility on Orderchamp
  • Your cancellation request will be sent to Orderchamp's Customer Support team for review and approval

How about if I can only partially fulfill the order?

If you can’t fulfill some products of the order, please place the items out-of-stock in your inventory and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the order that you want to edit from your order overview page
  2. Click the “Edit order” button
  3. On the order editing page, you can increase or decrease the product amount
  4. When you’ve edited the order line, click “Update”
  5. You'll be asked to write a message to the retailer, we highly recommend doing this
  6. The retailer will immediately be updated on the change. Either a refund or a payment request is sent to the retailer.


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