How to set up your Shipping Countries

You can include and exclude countries you ship to by setting up your Shipping zones. This can be found in the back office when you go to Settings and click 'Shipping & Country settings'. By default we have set up some standard shipping zones with our core countries and with a minimum order value of 100 euro (first and re-orders). 


You can add or remove countries to each zone and if needed, modify the minimum order value (before your storefront is live) per zone. For retailers in any of the countries that are not included in one of your zone, your storefront will not be visible.


Shipping countries

If you have set up multiple storefronts and for certain storefronts (brands) you are not able to sell in specific countries, you can control this in the 'Shipping countries' part. Per storefront you can indicate which countries you do ship to. For retailers in any of the countries that are not included in the shipping countries, your storefront will not be visible. 


If the shipping countries are left on 'Default countries', it means you are able to send to all of the countries as indicated in your Shipping zones.


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