How to connect your FTP server for automated stock updates

To easily keep your stock levels up-to-date, you can connect your FTP server where you keep your stock file to Orderchamp. No more manual imports or disappointed retailers due to Out of stock products!

To start you have to make sure the file with your actual inventory levels is uploaded on your FTP. In most cases this can be automated (ask your webdeveloper what the possibilities are), or you can simply upload the file yourself. Since the integration works based on the SKU so make sure to use the same SKUs in the file as they are on Orderchamp. 

The integration will check hourly if the file has been modified (i.e. stock updated) and if so, it will automatically update the inventory levels in the Orderchamp back office for you. 

Additionally, you can use the integration to export your orders in a CSV file to a designated directory (folder) within your FTP. This way you can easily extract the order data and use it in your fulfilment process.

Connect your own FTP server

If you have your own FTP server where the stock file is automatically uploaded, you can use the following instructions to enable the Stock updates and Order Export:

  1. Go to the Apps & Integrations page in your back office.
  2. Click the 'Install' button next to FTP.
  3. Fill in your FTP server host, username and password.
  4. Enable your Inventory sync and fill in the file path of your stock file (for example: /stock-file.csv).
  5. Click 'Open file' to select the right SKU and Inventory columns in your file.
  6. (Optional) Enable your Order export sync and fill in the file path of the directory/folder within your FTP where the csv files will be exported to (for example: /Orders). You might need to create a directory first. 
  7. Click Next.
  8. We will run the Stock update in a background right away and check on the hour (11:00, 12:00, etc) if the file has been modified.

You don't have an FTP server?

If you don't own your own FTP server, but you would like to have one where you periodically upload your inventory file, Orderchamp can create this for you. Please send an email to and we will send you your FTP credentials. 

Please note the FTP integration only includes your stock updates. Creating new products based on the information in the file is not supported with this integration. You'd still have to create the products yourself. 

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