Fulfilment by Orderchamp - FAQs

What is Fulfilment by Orderchamp (FbO)?

Fulfilment by Orderchamp (FbO) is an end-to-end warehouse and fulfilment service started by Orderchamp for our brands. In this service, we store, pack and ship all the orders of the brands. The USP of our service is that we offer omni-channel fulfilment - we can ship all orders of our brands, whether they are Orderchamp orders, other B2B orders or B2C orders.

You can signup for FbO right here.

Is FbO available for brands not selling on Orderchamp?

Currently we only offer the FbO service to Orderchamp brands.

Where is the warehouse located?

Our warehouse is located in Venlo, in the south of The Netherlands.

Can we fulfil all types of orders?

Yes, we can fulfil all types of orders for the brands, whether it is an Orderchamp order, other B2B orders or B2C orders. You can easily integrate your B2C webshop (if it is on WooCommerce or Shopify) with our platform for fulfilment of B2C orders.

Can we store all types of goods?

Yes, we can store all types of goods except goods which are flammable or prohibited by law to be sold online. 

What is the pricing/commercials for FbO?

We offer a simple pricing structure which is made of up 3 parts:

  1. Inbound Fees - which is the cost of unloading, counting and inspecting products. Inbound fees start at EUR 1 per carton
  2. Storage Fees - this is the cost of storing goods in the warehouse. The first 2 weeks of storage are completely free. After that, we charge EUR 0.24 per shelf location
  3. Order Packing Fees - cost of picking and packing your order. This depends on the number of SKUs in an order, and starts at EUR 2.60

How will the invoicing work? Is it a separate contract? Do I pay the invoices separately or it will be deducted from my balance at Orderchamp?

The fulfilment service will be a separate contract between Orderchamp and the brand. Orderchamp will raise monthly invoices to the brand.

What are the order processing times?

We process orders within 1 business day. If a customer order is received before 12pm, then the order is processed and shipped on the same day.

Can I integrate my webshop for B2C orders?

Yes, we currently offer integrations with WooCommerce and Shopify. The webstore can be easily integrated with our platform. Please follow the instructions given in the help center. 

How do I sign up? What is the process involved?

You can signup right here. Once you signed up, our sales and operations team will contact you to discuss your requirements and onboard you. 

Is there any setup fee or a deposit?

There is no setup fee or deposit required. Signing up for FbO is completely free.

I am a non-EU brand. How can I use FbO?

You can signup right here. Once you signed up, our sales and operations team will contact you to discuss your requirements and onboard you. 

Will the products be insured in the FbO warehouse?

Yes, all the products stored in the warehouse will be insured against theft and fire damages.

What carriers do we use for shipping orders?

We use multiple carriers to ship orders to customers. We currently work with GLS, DPD, DHL, and UPS.

Do we have eco-friendly packaging?

Yes, all our orders are packed with 100% plastic-free packaging. We only use recycled paper and cardboard materials for the orders.

I am selling on a competing platform. Can I use FbO to ship my orders?

Yes, you can ship all your orders using our fulfilment service. There are no restrictions or limitations for any platform. We can ship your B2B and B2C orders across all scales channels. 

Can I ship bol.com or Amazon orders with FbO?

Yes, we can ship your orders from bol.com, Amazon or any other marketplace. However, please note that we currently do not offer integrations with these marketplaces. Orders from the marketplaces will have to be created manually in the backoffice.

Does Orderchamp offer returns management for B2C orders?

Yes, we can process returns for B2C orders. However, the brand will have to provide shipping labels to the customers and have the goods shipped to our warehouse. 

Can we ship orders to international customers outside of the EU?

At the moment we only ship to customers with the EU and UK. However, we will be adding international shipping to our services shortly.

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