Managing split orders for fulfilment

If an order is created in the system where some of the order products are not available in the warehouse, then the order is split into 2 parts : 

  • Orderchamp will only be able to fulfill and ship the part of the order where the stock is available in the warehouse.
  • The second part will have to be fulfilled by you similar to how you fulfill your other Orderchamp orders.

For such orders, the order page will show the split of products into 2 parts:

  • Part 1: SKUs which will be fulfilled by Orderchamp will be shown as “Fulfilled by the Orderchamp Fulfilment Centre (NL)

  • Part 2: SKUs which you have to fulfill, will appear under “Create a Shipment

  • Products which are to be fulfilled by Orderchamp will be processed as per the steps explained here
  • To fulfill the SKUs which you have to ship, first pack the items securely.  
  • After the items are ready to be shipped click on “Create Shipment”.
  • Select the carrier for your order and add the tracking number in the back office once this is available. Please also indicate the estimated delivery time and click on “Send Shipment

Important! For split orders, the status of the order will continue to show “Awaiting fulfilment” until you have shipped your part of the order even if Orderchamp has shipped its part of the order.


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