Fulfilment of orders in the warehouse

Once a fulfilment order is received in the system, it will first be in the “Awaiting fulfilment” status. When we start the processing of your order warehouse, the status is updated to “Fulfilment in progress.

What happens next?

  • We now pick the items in your order and pack them securely. 
  • After the packing is complete, the shipping labels are attached. 
  • Your order is then dispatched using our carrier partners. At this point, the status of the order changes to “Awaiting delivery” and the track & trace code becomes available. 
  • To see the details of the items packed, and the track and trace code please click and open the order. You will see the quantity of items packed:

  • On the order page, you will be able to see the quantity of items packed in the box titled “Fulfilled by Orderchamp Fulfillment Centre (NL)”.
  • The track & trace code will also be available at the bottom of this box. You can click on the “Track Package” link to get the package details.
  • In case order is shipped in multiple packages, track & trace codes for each individual package will be also available.

  • Once the package is delivered, the status changes to “Completed


  • If an order is created in the system where some of the order products are not available in the warehouse, then the order is split into 2 parts : 
    • Orderchamp will only be able to fulfill and ship the part of the order where the stock is available in the warehouse.
    • The second part will have to be fulfilled by you similar to how you fulfill your other Orderchamp orders.
  • In this case, the status of the order will show “Awaiting fulfilment” until you have shipped your part of the order.
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