Sending your stock to the warehouse

To send your stock to the warehouse, you will have to create an inbound shipment. To do this, please follow these steps:

  • Log into your Orderchamp backoffice and click on “Fulfilment
  • Click on the blue button called “Add Shipment
  • Now click on the “Add Products” button. A window will open with your list of products. 

  • Select the products which you want to send to the warehouse and click on “Add

  • On the next page, for each of the products selected please provide:
    • The barcode/EAN number
    • Number of boxes you plan to send
    • Number of units per box
  • After you had filled all the details, please click on “Save

Please note : Providing the barcode/EAN number for each product is mandatory. We will not be able to accept products in the warehouse without barcodes. 

In case you have products which do not have a barcode, we request you to first add the barcode labels and only then send the items for fulfilment. 

  • After you click “Save”, please click on the “Send Shipment” button.


  • A new window will open where you can provide the estimated delivery date and the Tracking number of the shipment. The tracking number is not mandatory, but we recommend that it is provided.

  • Click on “Send” and then click on the “Download Packing Slip” button to download the packing slips to be pasted on each box. In case the “Download Packing Slip”’ button does not appear immediately, please wait for 3-4 minutes and refresh the page.

  • The packing slip has details of the products which are part of your inbound shipment. Please paste each page of the packing slip on the side of the corresponding box of that product. 

  • Paste the carrier labels on boxes and send shipment to our warehouse. 

Once we receive the boxes in our warehouse, we will count and inspect the items. After the product is added in stock, the quantity will start reflecting in your backoffice.

Important Dos & Don'ts when sending your stock the warehouse

  • When preparing the inbound shipment, please give the correct count of the units in each box.
  • Please ensure that all your products have barcodes. We scan the product when they are received to ensure accurate inventory count. Without barcodes we will not be able to accept the products.
  • Please ensure that each box contains units of only one SKU i.e one SKU per box (or master carton). If a box contains more than one SKU, it will require us to open each box and count the items individually which may be chargeable on an hourly basis. 
  • Pack the items securely to prevent damage during transit.
  • Please stick the packaging labels on each box. Packaging labels allow us to quickly identify your products. Without the packaging labels, we will have to open and inspect the items which may be chargeable on an hourly basis.
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