Best practices on how brands can drive more sales

In order to be successful on Orderchamp, we recommend you to make sure the below actions are taken.

Set up your storefront for success

  • Offer your full and newest assortment - uploading all your SKU’s and offering new items regularly will help you to be more visible on the platform. You also have a higher probability of being featured in campaigns and lookbooks when offering new products.
  • Categorise your products using the right categorise and attributes provided by Orderchamp, this will make your products more findable 
  • Offer best pricing - fair pricing, consistent with all your other sales channels, is essential for being successful on Orderchamp. Our retailers lose trust in your brand as well as our platform if they find products cheaper (both wholesale and MSRP) in other places. For detailed pricing information, please visit this link.
  • Offer a competitive margin - attractive margins of at least 2.5 resonate well with our retailers. The higher your margins are, the more inclined retailers will be to purchase your product. For more detailed pricing information, please visit this link.
  • Offer a competitive MOV - a minimum order value that is too high prevents retailers from placing an order with you. The strength of Orderchamp is that retailers can place their orders with a relatively low bar. For more detailed pricing information, please visit this link.
  • Create a professional looking storefront - please use your logo as the storefront picture and a representative banner that showcases the atmosphere that matches your brand identity. Detailed guidelines can be found following this link.
  • Provide professional product images and detailed product descriptions - multiple images demonstrating functionality as well as mood and detail pictures are key in boosting conversion on the platform. Specific image and description requirements differ per main category. Please visit this link to see what the requirements for your category are. 
  • Write an inspiring story -  the “About the brand” section of your storefront is the perfect way to get your branding across to your customers. The more inspiring your story is, the more inclined retailers will be to place an order. For detailed guidelines on how to set your storefront up for success, visit the following link.

Boost your ranking 

    • Invite your retailers - this will improve your sales ranking on the marketplace allowing you to be more visible to new retailers joining Orderchamp everyday. In addition, your retailers receive a 1 stop solution for their B2B needs. Learn how to invite your retailers here.
    • Keep stock up to date - Add new listings in time to boost your visibility. Keeping your stock up to date prevents order cancellation and is key for a good retailer experience, improving your ranking score. 
    • Fulfill your orders on time to ensure customer satisfaction it is important to ship within the shipment window that you set. We recommend you to ship within 48 hours of confirming your order to ensure a great retailer experience 
    • Respond to retailer questions - responding promptly to retailer questions and feedback via chat helps boost engagement scores.
    • Seek reviews - retailers will be asked to add a review, but following up on your buyers to leave a positive review will help your marketplace ranking. We recommend you to reach out to every customer after they have received the goods to ask if they are satisfied with their purchase, a (hopefully) positive review will follow soon.
    • Engage with your followers - retailers that follow your brand will receive automatic updates when you upload new products. To welcome new followers we encourage you to manually send them a welcome note, potentially asking them if they need help finding what they are looking for. This will go a long way!

Invest in a long-term partnership 

  • Participate in promotional events - our promotional events such as Green Friday and the Orderchamp Digital Fair provide access to thousands of retailers helping you expand your customer base. Find an overview of all events here.
  • Promote us - sharing our partnership on your social media channels helps our partnership flourish. Share your personal invite link on social media, via your newsletters or on your website and offer your customers up to €100* off their first order. Find your personal invite link here.

*Only applicable for retailers from these countries: NL/BE/DE/AT

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