Orderchamp Spring/Summer Sale 2022

In these uncertain times, we want to help you clear out your overstock. That's why we are hosting the ultimate Spring/Summer Sale from June 7 till 17. 

What's in it for you as a brand?

  • Clear out your overstock in these uncertain times;
  • Benefit from 100,000 retailers visiting our marketplace to find the perfect products at the best prices;
  • Increase visibility; more traffic = more sales;
  • Build new retailer relationships while offering your existing customers a better margin;
  • Free B2B marketing for your brand across the entire platform and social media channels.

How can you participate?

You can take part in our ultimate Spring/Summer Sale by setting up a discount on our special Spring/Summer Sale event page in your backoffice. And don't forget: the higher the tier, the higher your visibility and our contribution to the discount is. 

Let retailers benefit from 10% off your products

  • You give your retailer 10% off
  • Retailers benefit from 10% off

Increase your visibility on our platform by increasing to 20%

  • You give your retailer 15% off
  • Orderchamp subsidizes 5% off
  • Retailers benefit from 20% off

Get the best visibility for you brand by selling your overstock with 30% off

  • You give your retailer 20% off
  • Orderchamp subsidizes 10% off
  • Retailers benefit from 30% off



Our tips

  • Make sure all of your products are added and your storefront is complete in the backoffice;
  • Make sure your stock is up-to-date;
  • Invite your retailers to the Spring/Summer Sale as it is the last time to let them benefit from €150 shopping credit.


  1. Can I choose not to participate in the Spring/Summer Sale?

You'll miss out on a huge sales opportunity, but yes. You can choose "I do not wish to participate" in your backoffice, which we regret, but respect.

  1. Can I join the Spring/Summer Sale without setting up a discount?

No. In order to participate and attract a higher volume of traffic to your storefront, a discount of at least 10% is a must.


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