Managing issues reported by retailers

Providing a great retailer experience is key to having retailers coming back to reorder from you. A retailer on Orderchamp has the option to use the “report an issue” feature to submit feedback about an issue they have with the order.

Once the retailer submits the issue, depending on the reason selected - the issue will be handled directly by:

The Brand itself - if the reason is one of the following:

  1. I received damaged items
  2. I received defective items
  3. I am missing some items
  4. Wrong goods were delivered

Orderchamp Customer Service -  if the reason is not one of the above.

Where can the brand see the issues reported?

See a video here or follow the steps below.


  • For a newly created issue, the order status will always show as “issue reported”.
  • A new column called “issue status” is shown in this overview. 
  • To view the specific issue reported, click on the “view order” button.
  • The order page will open, showing all details about that order, including the reported issues (if any). Please note that it’s possible to have multiple issues reported for 1 order. If no issues are reported, this section will not be shown.
  • Click the button “view issue” to see details about the issue reported.
  • A pop-up will open showing you all details, including any photos shared by the retailer:


  • For all 4 types of issues mentioned above, you will be able to select a resolution type yourself
  • You will see 2 options you can select from to resolve this issue yourself:
    1. Send replacement (you also have the option to send return instructions): the shipment label for the return needs to be provided by you, at your own cost;
    2. Process refund: once you click this button - the refund will be automatically processed by Orderchamp, no further action needed from you;

You can also click the button Contact retailer: this will open the chat between you & the retailer and you can message them your proposed solution (e.g. a discount); 

  • Once the retailer sees the solution you proposed, they can mark the issue as “resolved”. Orderchamp will actively be monitoring all issues to ensure both the brands and retailers are happy with the solutions provided.

Issues handled by Orderchamp

These reported issues will still be visible in your backoffice, however you will not be able to select a resolution type for them. Example: a retailer that reports the invoice is incorrect. These issues will show with status “handled by Orderchamp” and once resolved, the issue status will change to “resolved” and order status to “completed”.

Important note: an order with an existing order issue still in progress (not resolved) can’t go into settlement & payout until the issue is resolved and order status is completed.

Issue statuses & what they mean

  1. Submitted: Brand needs to review the issue and choose a resolution type.
  2. Orderchamp review: Orderchamp is handling this issue.
  3. In progress: The reported issue is being processed by the brand.
  4. Resolved: The reported issue has been marked as solved.
  5. Declined: The reported issue has been rejected by Orderchamp.

Reminder: a reported issue rate of over 5% will significantly impact your ranking and visibility on the platform.

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