Hot Deals (brands)

We want to support brands that are new on Orderchamp and help them get a kickstart on our platform. Therefore, we’ve created ‘Hot Deals’ to highlight newly added brands to let our 100,000 retailers discover them. Build strong and long-lasting relationships within the first 60 days after publishing your storefront, and benefit a lifetime.

To make it appealing for the retailer to try the brand, Hot Deals includes a 10% discount from the brand on all products during the first 60 days on Orderchamp. And the best part is: if the retailer is located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Austria, we will double that discount to 20%.

How can I participate?

It’s a question in the onboarding process, so you can decide if you want to participate then. 

Do I have to participate?

No, although we highly recommend participating in our Hot Deals, you’re not obliged to participate.

Do you want to go even further and skyrocket our new partnership?

Here are some easy steps to boost your ranking and visibility on our marketplace:

  • Invite your retailers and let them benefit from the best discounts 
  • Make sure your storefront shines like a star by uploading your entire product range and adding high-quality product pictures.
  • Share your new partnership with us on your social accounts to make your existing retailers aware of this promotion. We will also reshare it to alert our existing retailers of your brand.
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