Orderchamp Digital Fair Autumn/Winter Edition 2022

Following previous successful editions, our biggest wholesale event of the year is returning Aug 31 - Sept 11. The Orderchamp Digital Fair Autumn/Winter Edition is the perfect opportunity to showcase your latest collections, acquire new buyers and offer your customers subsidized promotions. Make sure to kickstart the buying season and sell your latest collections to thousands of retailers from across Europe.

What's in it for me as a brand?

  • Kickstart your buying season by selling your latest collections;
  • Benefit from more than 100,000 retailers visiting our marketplace to buy new stock;
  • Increased visibility; more traffic means more sales;
  • Build new retailer relationships, while offering your existing customers a margin increase on our costs;
  • Free B2B marketing for your brand across the entire platform and social media channels.

How do I participate?

  • As a brand, you are automatically signed up for the Digital Fair Autumn/Winter Edition;
  • You are automatically enrolled for the same Digital Fair promotion that you've offered during previous Orderchamp Digital Fairs, Spring Sale or Black Friday for Wholesale. If you didn't participate in any of these Orderchamp events before, you will be automatically opted in on a 10% Digital Fair promotion. You can upgrade (or downgrade) your Digital Fair promotion here in the backoffice to 15% or 20% on all your products. If you choose to upgrade your Digital Fair promotion above 10%, Orderchamp will subside a part of the discount. Additionally, you acquire even more new customers by adding an extra New relation booster of 5% off.

Note: Brands that offer a 15% or 20% discount on their products during this period will get more visibility within the Digital Fair through inclusion in the marketplace filters and Digital Fair page. It should be noted here that brands that set 20% will receive more visibility than those with 15%. Below, you can find the explanation behind the different tiers you can select.

  • Give your retailers a 10% Digital Fair promotion:
    - You give your retailer 10% off
    - Retailers benefit from 10% off

  • Give your retailers a 15% Digital Fair promotion:
    - You give your retailer 15% off
    - Orderchamp subsidizes 5% off*
    - Retailers benefit from 20% off

  • Give your retailers a 20% Digital Fair promotion:
    - You give your retailer 20% off
    - Orderchamp subsidizes 10% off*
    - Retailers benefit from 30% off

  • New relation booster: offer an additional 5% off to generate new buyers.

    *Only applicable on orders from NL/BE/DE/AT

Example: On a €1,000 order you offer a 15% promotion with another 5% subsidized by Orderchamp, resulting in a discount of €200, and a reduced retailer price of €800. Orderchamp subsidizes the first 5% order discount, while you offer the remaining 15%. Your commission will be calculated on the amount of €950.

Our tips for a successful participation

  1. Add your latest collection. Make sure retailers can discover and shop all your products.
  2. Invite your retailers. You have close business-relations with retailers that aren't on Orderchamp yet? Invite them to let them benefit not only from your Orderchamp Digital Fair discounts but also from €100 shopping credit on their first order - paid by us. Please note: the voucher is only valid for NL/BE/DE/AT retailers.
  3. Increase your Digital Fair promotion. Boost your visibility on the marketplace and attract new customers by letting them benefit from great discounts.
  4. Share your participation on social media to rise awareness for your customers. You can find sharing templates here.


  1. Can I choose opt-out from the Digital Fair?
    While we strongly recommend participating, you can select to opt-out in the backoffice, which we regret, but respect.

  2. Can I join ODF without setting up a Digital Fair Special?
    No. In order to participate and attract event traffic, you need to set up a Digital Fair Special of at least 10% in the backoffice.

  3. Can I highlight special collections or products even more?
    Yes. By setting up an additional discount* on a collection or specific products here, you can highlight them and boost your sales even more.

*Not funded by Orderchamp

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