The wholesale widget for brands

What is the Orderchamp wholesale widget?

The wholesale widget for brands is an easy-to-embed tool that allows you as a brand to convert the traffic of your website into online sales. Additionally, retailers that put in their first order on Orderchamp via your widget, will benefit from 10% on all their orders within the first 30 days* and you’ll pay 0% commission on all their orders. 

*The voucher is only available for retailers from NL/BE/DE/AT.

How to embed the widget: a step-by-step guide


  • Choose between the 3 types of widgets to add to your website:
    • Standard banner
    • Small banner
    • Button


In the Widget Preview window next to the options, you can see what the widget will look like when embedded in your website.


  • After selecting the type of widget, you simply click on “copy code” or send it directly to your developer.

You’re all set! 



  • Where should I add the widget? 

You can add your Orderchamp widget wherever you want on your website; in the header, footer or dedicated landing page. It is important that you add it in different places so you don’t miss any opportunity to convert visitors into customers. 

  • Is the widget customizable? 

Your brand name, image and MOV are automatically customized to your brand. 

  • I already have a wholesale website, why should I install the widget? 

Even if you already have a wholesale website, you can benefit from adding the Orderchamp wholesale widget. Our data shows that our 10% discount for retailers from NL/BE/DE/AT works as a great incentive for retailers to put in their first order at your brand on Orderchamp. Also important to highlight is that on orders through the Orderchamp widget, you pay 0% commission on all their orders. A great opportunity to scale your sales! 

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