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Outstanding brands deserve a star-status. That’s why we’ve launched our Star Sellers program, to reward brands that show an excellent performance on our platform. These proven to be trustworthy brands get extra visibility, and thus more traffic and sales. In this article, you’ll find more information about how to qualify as a Star Seller brand and the criteria you have to meet to keep this star-status.

Extra benefits for our Star Seller brands:

  • Higher ranking in our marketplace and during our events leading to more traffic 
  • Included in our Star Seller filter leading to higher traffic
  • Social Media exposure - when you promote your Star Seller nomination, Orderchamp will reshare on our social channels. 

Required qualifications as a Star Seller:

  • Your storefront must be live for more than 90 days. This way, we can collect enough data to evaluate your performance on our platform.
  • You must get a minimum of 1 order per month in the last 3 months and 20 orders ever.
  • A 4-star review or higher with a minimum of 3 reviews is required. Don’t have 4 stars yet? Engage with your retailers to get those positive reviews in.
  • You must confirm at least 80% of orders within 24h
  • You must fulfill at least 75% of your orders within your set shipping lead time
  • Your order cancellation rate should be lower than 1% for every reason that is under your control. This is a real trust-builder for retailers.
  • Your reported issues rate must be lower than 3%.
  • 95% of your online catalogue needs to be in stock 
  • 90% of orders need to be fulfilled completely

Once you fulfill all the criterias the badge will be attributed to your storefront and will be live for the next three months. After these three months, your performance will be re-evaluated.

Where is the Star Seller status shown?

Once you reach the Star Seller status, your storefront and each product page will receive the following badge. This is an anchor retailers can use to navigate through the platform and it will draw attention to your storefront. Also, your brand will appear in the Star Sellers filter retailers can select in the different categories.


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