Star Sellers program (retailers)

What is the Star Sellers Program?? Screenshot_2022-08-12_at_16.00.52.png

Outstanding brands deserve a star-status. That’s why we’ve launched our Star Sellers Program, to reward brands that show an excellent performance on our platform. These brands have proven to be trustworthy and are worth discovering for you as a retailer.

The perks of buying from our Star Seller brands:

  • They have a proven track record
  • Are highly appreciated by other retailers
  • Enjoy risk-free and fast order handling

Where is the Star Seller status shown?

Our Star Seller brands are showing the Star Seller badge on their storefront, to show their earned status. When you’re on a category page, you can also filter on Star Sellers in the Filters on the left. Next to that, you’ll find the Star Sellers label on each product page from reward brands. This helps you discover new Star Seller brands.



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