How do I sync my store products on Orderchamp?

Interested in adding your full collection & range of products on Orderchamp? We can help you by either manually importing your products based on a csv file export or we can assist you with setting up an integration (e.g. Shopify, Woocommerce, Channel Engine). For a manual import you can provide us with a data export of your products and an integration will automatically update your inventory in real time.

If you have a csv file & products pictures - email us at and we will help import all your products.

Import product data from TICA

We are able to connect your products when there is a match between the barcode (EAN) you have on TICA and the one from Orderchamp.  In case the barcode does not match, the product will not be able to connect to an existing product in Orderchamp and will show as a non-connected product.

For these non-connected products, you will have the possibility to choose between different managing options:

  1. Manually managing each product from the Tica import.
  2. Set those products always automatically on "Reorder only" (Reorder products will appear in the Orderwriter)
  3. Set those products always automatically on "Orderwriter only"


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