Is my TICA account linked to Orderchamp?

TICA has partnered up with Orderchamp to offer TICA members the full wholesale experience. You can now easily order your favorite TICA brands on Orderchamp by connecting your account.

To provide you with a great, seamless experience, we are now making it possible for you to view your TICA order data directly in Orderchamp.

See below how it works:

1. Retailer that does not have an Orderchamp account but has a TICA membership

  • If you have previously purchased at TICA and you have a TICA customer card, you can enable your Tica account for use at Orderchamp and view your historical order information in your Orderchamp account.
  • You received an email from Orderchamp to enable your Tica account for use at Orderchamp. Once you created your Orderchamp account, you will be able to see your past TICA orders in your Orderchamp account & you can reorder any of those past brands & products directly from Orderchamp, as long as they are available.

2. Retailer that already had an Orderchamp account & ordered at TICA before

  • You received an email to your Tica-registered email address, from Tica, asking you to enable your Tica account with Orderchamp. Once your Tica & Orderchamp accounts are connected, your Tica order history will be visible on Orderchamp.
  • You will receive an email confirmation from us, letting you now your TICA account is now connected to your Orderchamp account.
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