Fulfilment delayed - how to notify the retailer of a delay in shipping the order

It can happen that sometimes, you are not able to process an order within your stated shipping time. In these situations, it's best to inform the retailer as soon as possible, preferably after confirming the order, that there's a delay & give them an expected date on which you will be able to ship the order.

To make this process very fast & automated for you, you can use the feature called "notify retailer about delay" - here's how to do that:

  • login to your Backoffice
  • go to your Orders page
  • click on the order number
  • click the button "notify retailer about delay"


  • select the products affected by the delay
  • select the new fulfilment date 


  • click "save"

Note: the retailer will receive automatically an email about this.

If you miss the new date, you will be notified about it in our Daily Digest Order email you are receiving with the list of pending orders you have not processed yet.

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