Pickup an order at a TICA store for retailers

We have added a new way to pickup your order: shipping it to a TICA store, where you can go to pick it up yourself. This option is available only for TICA-enabled retailers (retailers that have connected their TICA account in their Orderchamp account).

The "Ship to TICA" option is available for all brands you want to order from on Orderchamp, regardless of whether that brand is available or not in the TICA stores. Same free shipping rules apply as to any other order as stated in the free shipping rules here.

How can I select "Pick up from a TICA location" when placing an order?

  • On the checkout page, in the address step you will see a second tab where you can choose the TICA location:


How can I see when my order is at the TICA store to pick it up?

You will receive shipment updates via email as usual from us. In case the brand will include a Track &Trace link in their shipment, you will know when your order has been delivered in the TICA store so you can go to pick it up. In some cases, a T&T link won't be available but the brand would provide you with an estimated timeline when you can go to pick up your order in the TICA store.

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