Ship to TICA for brands

We have added a new way to ship your order: shipping it to a TICA store, where retailers can go to pick it up themselves. This option is available for all brands on Orderchamp, including brands that are not currently present in TICA stores.

How do I ship an order to a TICA store?

  • The same shipping options (Ship with Orderchamp, Ship Yourself) are available the normally would be available to create your shipment
  • When creating a shipment for your order, you will be able to see that this is a shipment to a TICA store in the delivery address of that order
  • When you create a label with “Ship with Orderchamp”, we make sure the correct info is on the label we provide
  • When you use “Ship yourself”, you need to use the provided address of that TICA store, this includes “TICA - OCXXXXX” as the destination - ensure you show the exact address as we provide it in the delivery address information of that order

I am a TICA brand, is shipment different for me?

If you are a TICA-enabled brand (present in the TICA stores) and you would like to include this order in your regular dropoff at TICA, then you need to choose “Ship Yourself” and not provide a T&T code.

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